How Dermal Fillers Work to Fight Aging

Injectable dermal fillers, Kristen Aguirre, Fullerton

Injectable dermal fillers offer a quick way to reduce the signs of aging. These clear gels that replace lost volume in your cheeks, forehead, lips, and mouth area make you look more youthful, but in an entirely natural way.

At our office, we provide a number of different filler formulas to fight lines, wrinkles, and a number of other skin complaints that present as you get older. We’d like our patients to understand exactly how these dermal fillers work, so we’ve put together this primer.

Your aging skin

With age, you start to lose subcutaneous fat on your face that, by definition, lies just below your skin. As a result, your facial muscles are closer to the skin’s surface, making lines and wrinkles more apparent. Your skin also stretches, further reducing facial volume and skin tone.

Skin cells produce less elastin and collagen, compounds that form the structure and support for firm, youthful-looking complexions. Your body also produces less of a compound known as hyaluronic acid, which supports skin structure and hydration. This loss of hyaluronic acid means drier, slacker skin with increased folds and creases.

Dermal fillers to the rescue

Dermal fillers contain various compounds, including hyaluronic acid, that restore the lost volume provided by subcutaneous fat. They also boost your production of collagen and elastin. The hyaluronic acid in the fillers targets folds and wrinkles by adding even more volume, giving you a fresher, younger look.

Issues addressed with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are quite versatile. Many formulas are available, and Dr. Aguirre has the expertise to determine just which ones can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. She uses them to plump thinning lips, soften crow’s feet, reduce the appearance of smokers’ lines, diminish lines between the eyebrows, and boost volume in shallow contours of the cheeks. Dermal fillers can be effective on delicate areas of the face that are some of the first places to show your age – specifically around the eyes and lips.

The results of dermal fillers are subtle, so you see a difference, but you won’t look like you’ve had work done.

Temporary, but repeatable, results

The results of dermal fillers are temporary, lasting from 6-18 months. Retreatments of the compounds are always possible, and our office can put you on a treatment plan so you don’t see an interruption in your new, more youthful look.

Fight aging without surgery

One of the greatest benefits of dermal fillers is their ability to fight the signs of aging without surgical intervention. No incisions, blood loss, or risk of infection are involved with dermal filler treatments. Although we do everything possible to prevent side effects, it’s possible for you to experience slight swelling or bruising following the injections. These side effects are easily covered with makeup though, and disappear in a day or two.


Dr. Aguirre offers dermal fillers as a way for men and women in the Fullerton community to look as young as they feel. Don’t hesitate to call our office or book a consultation on this website to learn if dermal fillers are the right treatment for you.

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